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Detroit (Maiden Energy) by Carolyn Striho


Collection of poetry and song lyrics by Detroit rocker Carolyn Striho. 

"In her song lyrics and poetry, Carolyn Striho opens up her heart and her head, blending emotion and psyche into a brave and provocative look into herself and the world around her. Whether it's direct or abstract, you get engrossed in her words without even thinking about it, taking the trip willingly and coming out the other side all the better for it."

Gary Graff, Billboard/New York Times Syndicate

"Carolyn Striho is the personification of Detroit Rock energy, charisma, beauty and talent. On stage, she is a force of nature, but this collection of her poems and lyrics allows us to experience this dynamic artist in a more intimate and personal way. Carolyn Striho is long overdue for a book just like this!"

--Ann Delisi, Host, Ann Delisi Essential Music, WDET-FM

…”Aptly titled, and full of her deep ties to the city’s musical ethnography… [Striho] writes of the city’s people and places in intimate and critical ways full of magnificent imagery and the sensitivity of a proud local.” 

--Brian Gilmore, author of Come See About Me, Marvin & Elvis Presley is Alive and Well and Living in Harlem

Carolyn Striho’s most recent album, Afterthought, was on the GRAMMY® Awards 2018 First Ballot for Best Rock Album of the Year. Nominated for over 60 Detroit Music Awards, Carolyn has won 11 Detroit Music Awards and a Billboard Magazine Award for her songwriting, albums, musicianship and live performances. She has toured internationally and has played many festivals, including Lollapalooza. Carolyn has also performed with Patti Smith on two tours, and with her band, Detroit Energy Asylum, which included many members of  Was (Not Was). She has more memories of her DJ life on the radio (NPR/WDET-FM).

GRAMMY® Awards First Ballot for Best Rock Album of the Year (Afterthought, 2018)

Billboard® Magazine Award

11-Time Winner, Detroit Music Awards®

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