Aquarius Press/Willow Books/AUXmedia

AQUARIUS PRESS, founded in 1999, is the flagship publisher for titles typically underrepresented in the marketplace. It has two divisions:
  • WILLOW BOOKS publishes and promotes the nation's top writers of color
  • AUXmedia develops and represents the best in print and film content

*Our books are ordered and shipped via INGRAM, with the exception of Short-Term Events/Nonprofit/Corporate Bulk Orders (see below):

Fax purchase order to 877.979.3639

Please include quantity desired and date of event. 
We will invoice via email.

SHORT-TERM EVENTS/READINGS: 40% discount + shipping with returns or 50% discount + shipping, payment upfront. 

NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: 20% discount + shipping, no returns. Fax purchase order to 877.979.3639

BULK ORDERS (Cultural Institutions/Businesses/ Corporations): Fax purchase order to 877.979.3639 for quote. Please include quantity desired and date of event.

*Some titles published before Fall 2016 can be ordered via Small Press Distribution,

We accept checks (payable to AQUARIUS PRESS LLC) and credit cards (payable via online invoice, preferred method).

    Terms and conditions subject to change.

    Revised 2/26/20