Aquarius Press/Willow Books


Poetry collection by Kahn Santori Davison. Willow Books Emerging Poets & Writers Series. 

ISBN 978-0-9961390-6-9 

92 pages

It’s hot in Kahn Santori Davison’s Blaze, and I’m not just talking about the high school honey with with “Kool-Aid colored Calvin Klein jeans” and “a belt buckle that said H O T T I E.” This collection, like the tale of the Phoenix, is about a young man rising from personal destructions renewed and more enlightened. With the love of his aunts and grandparents, Kahn’s speaker not only accomplishes this, but does so gracefully.  —Alan King, author of DRIFT

Blaze ignites in its reclamation towards self-identity above and beyond tragedy, and instigates for the renewal of one of Detroit's own. Kahn Santori Davison's language muses, “This/alchemy began with Conga/drums, not 808s.” He traverses beyond his historical migration of familial ties and connects with a cultural mysticism—finding a bittersweet station in life. From KRS-One to Eminem—from Jimi Hendrix to Jack White—Davison pluckily examines/defines what place and family mean—all the while blazing on. --Curtis L. Crisler, author of WONDERKIND & Dreamist