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AIRDRIE by Margot McMahon

Aquarius Press

For Young Adult readers, AIRDRIE is the true coming-of-age story about Chicago sculptor Margot McMahon, her travels and her passion for art, social justice and nature. 

Margot McMahon has received several writing awards and authored nonfiction books for adults and young adults including The Fifth Season, the recipient of the 2020 Mate E. Palmer First Place Book Award. An internationally-awarded sculptor, Margot lives in Chicago with her husband and visiting three grown children. Parts of AIRDIRE first appeared in If Trees Could Talk, the second book in a trilogy about Margot’s family in Chicago and Ireland. The first book, Mac & Irene: A WWII Saga, is based on the true story of Margot’s father, Franklin “Mac” McMahon, who served as a navigator in WWII and later became an award-winning artist-reporter.