Aquarius Press/Willow Books

Where Brooklyn At?

Poetry collection by Roger Bonair-Agard. 

“Roger Bonair-Agard gives us an epic in verse. From his homeland of Trinidad to NYC, Where Brooklyn At?! shows us a world in the midst of radical change, but nothing so much as ourselves. Don’t we all cross daily the imaginary borders drawn by nations, roughnecks, police and realtors? And like the best of epic heroes, he ekes the music, love and joy out of the commonplace violence of American life. But no one could render this life so vividly or mine its language for such harrowing truths as Bonair-Agard does. These poems restore us. This poet is a hero for our time.”—Gregory Pardlo, author of Digest

“Best yet—sentimental, angry, reflective, urgent. I'm astonished by it.”—Patricia Smith, author of Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah