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Inheritance by Bro Yao (Hoke S. Glover)

Poetry collection by Bro Yao (Hoke S. Glover)

“What does a man ‘trying / hard not to disappear / trying hard
to stay / just above the world’ inherit? Like a line tossed from
a fishing rod into murky waters, these poems aim to hook the
illusive answers. With generosity, curiosity, and deep
compassion, Bro. Yao’s poems cast a wide net of inquiry–of
the man himself and of his elders–both ancestral and
literary. With grace and tenderness, these poems admit what
they know of the ‘sport and hunger’ and ‘excuse and
mystery’ of mythical notions of manhood. Like his literary
foremother, Lucille Clifton, Bro Yao undertands that to grasp
wisdom and beauty, he need not to look further than the
good times, troubles, and triumphs of his own lineal house.”
–Yona Harvey, author of Hemming the Water

“Bro Yao’s... long awaited first collection of poetry is a lyrical
anthem of tradition, respect, and cultural history. Grounded
in family and the revolutionary magic of Black survival in the
West, Glover’s voice is mature and courageous. It walks the
path of Henry Dumas but also recalls Toomer’s Cane and
Walker’s For My People. Forceful and exacting, this is a
voice of a poet sharing his personal ‘sankofa’ in verse, a
wondrous journery that will inspire the generations and
carve out a unique space in African American letters.”
–Brian Gilmore, author of We Didn’t Know Any Gangsters