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Blue Nestira by Aliete Guerrero

An International Novel of Music and Intrigue by Brazilian author Aliete Guerrero.

Sofia de Menezes, an opera singer from Rio, had her career cut short with the death of her beloved fiancé. Years later, she gets another chance to shine on the Met stage by entering into a contract with an opera manager named Didier Guisan. He turns out to be a master at carving a path that will make Sofia the world’s number one diva for as long as he owns her voice, body, and desires. Will she agree to a complete metamorphosis to become Didier’s dazzling diva? Will Sofia give up her cultural heritage to fit into the fast and sleek new world Didier has to offer and achieve her dream? Will she give up the life of her unborn child to realize her greatest desire?

On the cusp of Sofia’s stardom, the convicted killer of her fiancé escapes from prison and makes an appearance during the most important performance of her career, Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. Will Sofia’s life be cut short?

About the Author

Aliete Guerrero comes from coffee, coconut water, and mango juice. She comes from soccer, samba, and Carnival. Growing up in a dictatorship in Brazil inspired her to come to the United States in search of freedom. Writing is her calling, and she carries her notebook and pen wherever she goes. She also loves classical music, taking long power walks, and being in nature with her writers group.

Aliete’s work appears in Catamaran Literary Reader and Chicago Quarterly Review, among other publications. Her writings grapple with complex emotions. Her prose is lyrical, dark, and sometimes funny.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Henry, her youngest son, Chris, and her cat, Derrick Rose.